26 April 2012

We're so close that we went shopping

The kitchen is nearly finished!  Just awaiting the glass splashback...

Here is the mini-LED in one of our Entry niches.  $$$$$$!

And, to the most exciting bit.  We did a little bit of shopping at Ikea!  With the kids locked-up enjoying themselves in Smaland, we had an hour to pick up everything on our list.  Isn't it great that you can print off your Ikea shopping list and then just go around and grab what you want!!!  We made it back with two minutes to spare, and then stocked up on chocolate, donuts, hot dogs and ice cream on our way out.  Yay for Ikea!

Our walk through is scheduled for Monday morning, so today and tomorrow will, no doubt, see the glass splashback, shower screens and mirrors installed.

We went to the house last night, to play with the lights, and it really felt like the place we're going to live in.  So exciting!!!!!

Husband is on the phone as we speak, looking to sort out the exterior paint issue...

Have a great Thursday!

22 April 2012

Are we there yet?

Nope, but we're very, very close!  (PS: The title wasn't a complaint!)

Our walk through is scheduled for Tuesday, 30 April and then handover on 8 May.  Ho.ly.cow!  This build has gone so well and so quickly.  We couldn't be more pleased!

May is going to be one crazy month, but again, no complaints from me.  Here are some photos of nearly completed spaces...

Front door.  The shadow doesn't really do it justice.
Alfresco ceiling fan - LOVE!
Ensuite shower

Ensuite vanity


Wardrobe doors.  I just love the glossiness of them!!
So, that's where we're at!  We have one small problem, though - the exterior of the house has been painted the wrong colour!!!  The spec says one colour (the correct colour) and then the painter asked Husband to sign another form stating that he was happy with the colour that had actually been painted (in a very small section).  Of course, he signed the form, as I had sort of fobbed my way through the conversation with him, thinking it was only the undercoat.  Bad wife!  So, we'll follow that up and see what happens...

I hope you've had a great weekend!

18 April 2012

Seven Random Things About Me

This post is proudly brought to you by The Distressed Mother, who has kindly dobbed me in nominated me to keep this game going!

1.  I'm a Scorpio

My birthday is 22 November, but I was born only 11 minutes out from 23 November, putting me on the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius.  So, when I was little and would read or listen to the horoscopes, I would decide which one sounded better and choose to be either Scorpio or Sagittarius for that particular day/week.  The truth is, I am Scorpio through and through!

2.  I always planned to name my daughter Prue

But, I have two daughters and neither is named Prue.  Don't know why, but on the day(s), Husband and I just couldn't do it.

3.  I lived in a country town for 12 months and one week

I hated every moment of it.  Noone talked to me, and I made no friends.  It was a very depressing time.  Funnily enough, two of my favourite bloggers are originally from there (but neither lives there anymore).  Why didn't I get to meet them during that woeful year?

4.  I need a hobby other than interior decorating and shopping

Suggestions welcome...

5.  I am a Human Resources Consultant by trade

Let's face it, though, Interior Design and Styling are waaaaaaaay more fun.

6.  I believe that the first decision is (almost always) the best decision

Just seems to be the way things work out for us!

7.  I married my beautiful husband eleven years ago this Saturday.

Love him!!!!

So, to whom shall I pass on this little game...  How about Pen, from Design by Penny, Paid by Jason.  Have fun, Pen!

17 April 2012


Happy Tuesday, from rainy Brisbane!

As promised, here are some paint photos for you.  The painters just started on the gloss trims yesterday, so some of these pics have the trims done and others not.  I may have mentioned previously that I much prefer Taubmans' range of taupes and greys to Dulux's offerings (builder's preference), but I think we hit the nail on the head with our selection, so we're very happy.

Study - need to get some serious greenery happening outside that window! 
The entry hall

The Playroom - currently 'the room of doors!'  (Oh, and a curly head!)

Master Bedroom
And, just as a little teaser, here are some 'before' shots of the projects we've been working on over the last week.

An old wicker basket

A $37.88 eBay 'win'
The painters are due to finish tomorrow, fingers crossed.  I'm looking very forward to seeing the front door stained.

The closer this house gets, the slower time seems to move!

16 April 2012

Lazy Bones!

Hi there everyone, if you're still there!

The last week at the house has just consisted of painting, painting and more painting, so I haven't really had anything to update you with.

Add to that, school holidays, Easter (which I hope you all enjoyed), and a couple of other prospective projects that we have on the go, I just haven't been feeling the blogging.

However, we are half way through a little chair makeover, so when that's done, it will be up here in lights.

I should be able to post some decent 'painted' photos tomorrow, too.

Have a great week all!

08 April 2012

Recent Happenings

Here's a little photo update for your Easter weekend..


Main Bathroom

Main Bathroom Vanity
I really have to remember to take the good camera with me, the iPhone just isn't cutting it lately.

We had a few tile layout issues (thanks partly to the useless tile shop consultant), so I had to think about the Main Bathroom on the go.  What I've done is fine, but not as WOW as what I initially had planned.  Oh well, there's always next time!!

I hope everyone's enjoying the Easter weekend festivities.

02 April 2012

The one where she sews

I was tired of looking at so many lovely cushions for sale in Australia and then being mortified by the horrific price tags.  Sew So, what did I do, I decided to make my own!

Now, they are not fabulously hand-crafted masterpieces, and I haven't added buttons to the bottoms to hold them together yet, but they are made with love and the fabrics are perfect.  Even better, my girls ADORE them!

I can't wait to place them in their bedrooms on top of the gorgeous white quilt covers I'm planning to buy.  Now, for your viewing pleasure...

For Little Girl's Room

For Tween Girl's Room

The cushion at the back in this pic is the reverse side of the one above. 
Here's a free tip for you - I didn't have enough fabric to make the pink cushion at the back in the two lower photos, so I used fabric that I had leftover and made a double-side cushion.  That way, if the Tween Girl gets bored with one, she can just flip it!!

Oh, and a disclaimer, the brown, blue, red and pink cushion was purchased, not handmade.  Just in case you weren't sure!!!!

For now, Tween Girl has taken over the sewing machine, so I'm on a break until my next creative urge hits.

Have a great week, everyone.