18 April 2012

Seven Random Things About Me

This post is proudly brought to you by The Distressed Mother, who has kindly dobbed me in nominated me to keep this game going!

1.  I'm a Scorpio

My birthday is 22 November, but I was born only 11 minutes out from 23 November, putting me on the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius.  So, when I was little and would read or listen to the horoscopes, I would decide which one sounded better and choose to be either Scorpio or Sagittarius for that particular day/week.  The truth is, I am Scorpio through and through!

2.  I always planned to name my daughter Prue

But, I have two daughters and neither is named Prue.  Don't know why, but on the day(s), Husband and I just couldn't do it.

3.  I lived in a country town for 12 months and one week

I hated every moment of it.  Noone talked to me, and I made no friends.  It was a very depressing time.  Funnily enough, two of my favourite bloggers are originally from there (but neither lives there anymore).  Why didn't I get to meet them during that woeful year?

4.  I need a hobby other than interior decorating and shopping

Suggestions welcome...

5.  I am a Human Resources Consultant by trade

Let's face it, though, Interior Design and Styling are waaaaaaaay more fun.

6.  I believe that the first decision is (almost always) the best decision

Just seems to be the way things work out for us!

7.  I married my beautiful husband eleven years ago this Saturday.

Love him!!!!

So, to whom shall I pass on this little game...  How about Pen, from Design by Penny, Paid by Jason.  Have fun, Pen!


  1. It was fun getting to know you a bit more M. Some country towns are very hard to live in some are great. I lived in Tom Price WA for a year and I really struggled with that. People were nice enough but I was too young and shy back then and I hated the isolation. xx

    1. I wish I'd found one of the great ones, Nellie, I really do! It made life very tough. But I came back bigger and stronger and that is the key! I hope your new venture is going well. M xx

  2. Does that make your wedding date 21.04.01? Mine too!!!

    1. It does indeed - snap! I knew you were a lady of good taste and awesomeness! I hope you enjoyed your holiday. M x


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