17 October 2012

It's been a while between drinks

Testing, testing, is anyone there?

We've been getting stuck into our landscaping of late, and this is what we've achieved...

Inside has been quite neglected, but now that outside is done (for now), I can renew my interior focus.  I was just discussing a friend today that we've spent tens of thousands of dollars on outside and that if I tried to spend the same amount inside, I'd a) probably be divorced; and, b) have money left over (if I wasn't divorced).  Funny how that works out, hey?!

I hope all is well with you!

31 August 2012

A celebration is in order!

A couple of days ago, I sent out the challenge to The Decorating Emporium's Facebook likers to help me reach 200 likers by Friday.  Um, they achieved it by Tuesday night, so we are having a big celebration.

Head over to The Decorating Emporium's blog and find out what you have to do to enter.  Trust me, the prize is worth winning.

As for this house, I really do love it.  It is a wonderful home in which to live.  Almost all of the supplies have been delivered for the deck, and we've managed to snag a few bargains, which makes my heart sing even louder!!

I'll post some photos next week, to show you how much we achieve over the weekend.  I'm even planning to roll up my sleeves and help.  Look out!!

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you're up to.

28 August 2012

Shopping anyone?

Hi everybody!

I just wanted to share this pre-order opportunity that my store is offering today, as I thought these ottomans might suit some of you.

Have a great day!

25 August 2012

Family Room Inspiration

My Mum and I spent a bit of time looking at our Family Room last weekend, trying to decide what to do!

The key points were...

1.  We need a rug.  We knew this, just hadn't gotten around to it.  Guess what?  Mumma is going to shout us one.  Yay!
2.  We need to tie in the wicker from the Dining Space (pendant light and chairs) to the Family Room.
3.  We need to choose a lamp shade.
4.  We need something on the wall (my plan all along), or additional colour via cushions.

Later in the week, I found this image on Freedom's Facebook page.  It brought EVERYTHING home for me in one fell swoop!

Freedom via Facebook

Now, as much as I love the round rug, and have been coveting it for some time, it isn't right for our sofa, so I'm looking at the one below instead.

I'm also planning on purchasing the basket and an, gasp, indoor plant.  I've never hearted indoor plants, but this just looks and feels right!

I picked up a floor lamp in Bunnings, for the bargain price of $50, but the lamp shade was the wrong colour. I was planning to recover, but now that I've found the fabric below, I'm not so sure.  I'm even starting to think that the lamp won't actually stay.

Now, as for the artwork above...  It's kinda expensive...  so, I've sourced this fabric and am planning to stretch it over a couple of canvases.  Where there's a will, there's a way, so they say!


So, stay tuned for a big reveal soon!!

23 August 2012


I am relatively new to the Aldi revolution, what about you?

I think my favourite part of shopping at Aldi is their $4.99 flowers at the checkout.  They're only little bunches, but as someone who doesn't really 'do' fresh flowers due to their cost, I think they're just perfect.  Here are a few examples of my Aldi bunches around the house.  Husband keeps asking who's been buying me flowers.  Well, not him, obviously!  Haha!

And, here are some fakies to round out the round up.  The hydrangeas are available here.

Are you a fakey or a freshy, when it comes to flowers?

21 August 2012


Hi everyone!

I thought I'd share a few snippets from around the house.

My current project is to choose curtain fabric for the Master Bedroom.  Sadly, I don't think I like either of these options.  Bugger!

Have I mentioned that I love how the Ensuite feature tile turned out?

And, below, are the niches in our entry.

And, the pink corner in the kitchen.  Marshmallows and biscuits not for eating.... much.

Have a great week!

13 August 2012

Landscaping and stuff

Well, I may have been hopeless on the blog front, but that doesn't mean we haven't been working hard on the house.

Here is some photographic evidence of our efforts...

And, this weekend a start has been made on the deck, which brings us one step closer to the pool.  Yay!

Have a great week!