17 April 2012


Happy Tuesday, from rainy Brisbane!

As promised, here are some paint photos for you.  The painters just started on the gloss trims yesterday, so some of these pics have the trims done and others not.  I may have mentioned previously that I much prefer Taubmans' range of taupes and greys to Dulux's offerings (builder's preference), but I think we hit the nail on the head with our selection, so we're very happy.

Study - need to get some serious greenery happening outside that window! 
The entry hall

The Playroom - currently 'the room of doors!'  (Oh, and a curly head!)

Master Bedroom
And, just as a little teaser, here are some 'before' shots of the projects we've been working on over the last week.

An old wicker basket

A $37.88 eBay 'win'
The painters are due to finish tomorrow, fingers crossed.  I'm looking very forward to seeing the front door stained.

The closer this house gets, the slower time seems to move!


  1. Starting to look more and more like a house each day (or each blog post I should say!). Loving your eBay chair win - can't wait to see the after shot now!

    1. Thanks, Em. Have been a bit slow on deciding on a fabric for the chair. Hopefully it will be finished this weekend. M x

  2. The paint looks fantastic, love the colour! I agree, with the Taubmans V Dulux thing, they changed suppliers just before we picked colours, we tried to pick the closest Dulux colour but I think the Taubmans might have been nicer, time will tell. What a score with the chair!

    1. Thanks, Mel! It's funny isn't it - I prefer Taubmans for neutrals, but Dulux for feature colours. Go figure! M x

  3. It all starts to come together after the paint, then it gets really fun. I love the colour! I always use Resene paint, so I don't know the taub and dulux colours well! I am very impressed with your chair and can't wait to see what you do with it! xRoberta


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