17 October 2012

It's been a while between drinks

Testing, testing, is anyone there?

We've been getting stuck into our landscaping of late, and this is what we've achieved...

Inside has been quite neglected, but now that outside is done (for now), I can renew my interior focus.  I was just discussing a friend today that we've spent tens of thousands of dollars on outside and that if I tried to spend the same amount inside, I'd a) probably be divorced; and, b) have money left over (if I wasn't divorced).  Funny how that works out, hey?!

I hope all is well with you!


  1. Looks great! Know the feeling though - I could have done wonders on the inside with our (increasing) pool budget!

  2. It looks fantastic M! I LOVE those pavers around the edge of the pool! And it looks like you have some lovely new turf too. Just in time for summer with the pool! xx

  3. Hi. I just found your blog via eternalicons and have been enjoying a good read! Love what you've done with your house and pool, especially love your ensuite feature tiles!! Just gorgeous (where did you source them from?). Funny about inside vs outside budget - I was revising our external budget yesterday after a meeting with a pool builder. As our external costs grow, the budget for internal work gets smaller, especially the furniture budget :( Grrrr! Sam

  4. Ah, just found the tile info in your selections tab...doh! Love them. x

  5. It is amazing how much money and work it takes to transform outdoor areas. Unfortunately a lot of the money is spent on stuff you can't even see like excavation and foundations. Your pool looks lovely, perfect for you to enjoy all summer. xx

  6. OOOh I just want to jump in.............. Wow to have a pool is so very citing!!!
    I love it and especially the beer!!

    I was thinking how when we were building it was $200 there, $1000 there and then if I too allocated $1000 here, $200 there to make house really look amazing it just wouldn't happen..
    I guess it's all needs vs wants isn't it....

  7. Love it!!! It all takes time & lots of money, but what a fabulous spot to enjoy your summer...Good for you!!!

  8. The pool looks amazing. I bet it is well used with the school holidays:)

  9. that is so funny ( re: money & divorce :)

    Love those black accent tiles - looking really good!


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