26 April 2012

We're so close that we went shopping

The kitchen is nearly finished!  Just awaiting the glass splashback...

Here is the mini-LED in one of our Entry niches.  $$$$$$!

And, to the most exciting bit.  We did a little bit of shopping at Ikea!  With the kids locked-up enjoying themselves in Smaland, we had an hour to pick up everything on our list.  Isn't it great that you can print off your Ikea shopping list and then just go around and grab what you want!!!  We made it back with two minutes to spare, and then stocked up on chocolate, donuts, hot dogs and ice cream on our way out.  Yay for Ikea!

Our walk through is scheduled for Monday morning, so today and tomorrow will, no doubt, see the glass splashback, shower screens and mirrors installed.

We went to the house last night, to play with the lights, and it really felt like the place we're going to live in.  So exciting!!!!!

Husband is on the phone as we speak, looking to sort out the exterior paint issue...

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Oh sooo exciting!! the led's look lovely!

  2. That is very exciting and Ikea is a great place to shop especially when you are so organised. xx

  3. Loving the kitchen with all the shiny bits (aka handles and appliances) installed. I'm so glad looking at yours now that we decided to go for the slide out range hood, it just looks so neat and tidy! The Ikea "micke" desk is also on my shopping list!

  4. It looks lovely. Lucky you that got in to Smaland! We have tried several times at the new IKEA Springvale and it's been full every time. The girls were so disappointed last time. Next time I think we'll leave them at home, easier that way.
    Good luck with it all!
    Anette :-)

  5. That is very exciting. So looking forward to seeing it all full with all your new shopping.
    Well mine hadn't moved a bit since your house began. Unbloody believable!!!!!!
    Yesterday we were told the steel frames have been paid for and booked it and won't be done for another three weeks. As the steel frame people put it up not the builder and they are not available for three weeks . Wtf!!!!!!!!!
    Not much we can do. But gee it will be nice once we r in. I am sure we will really appreciate it more.
    Pen x

  6. Nice work on the purchases M! I love the Micke desk. And again I say 'wow' about your build speed. Now THAT's how a build should be managed - ship shape, clockwork, do it once - do it right!

    Very jealous! ;)

  7. I think that desk may be one my nieces have and they love them! So exciting now to be so close! And so exciting to be thinking of decorating not frames & trusses, I'm sure! Hope alls going well on the exterior paint issue,
    x KL


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