30 May 2012

A small favour...

Hi everyone and welcome to Wednesday!

I tend not to ask for much, but I would really appreciate it if you could follow this link and vote for our little business to be granted some funding to assist in our expansion.

Thanks everyone!  And, if there's anything I can do for you, just let me know!

29 May 2012

There's a hole in our yard...

...Dear Liza, dear Liza.

Today, excavation started on our much awaited and longed-for swimming pool.  Thank goodness, too, as it has just started to rain!!

Early morning start

View from the bottom left 
View from the (future) deck

Thanks for all the words of support and encouragement on my last post.  My mum came over the next day and helped me sort out the Lounge Room, which gave me a much needed kick in the pants/morale boost.  I've also done a little more styling, but the photos I've taken just aren't telling the story I want them to.  I think the key is that we really need to sort some art for the walls.  That ain't gonna happen in a hurry, given the project above, though.

Having said all that, I continue to marvel at the beauty of the home we are creating.  I really, truly love so many elements of it and am so happy to be here.

I hope you're all well!

24 May 2012

A crisis of eclectic proportions

Well, I hate to start this post on a downer, but I've officially moved into Struggle Street!

I had a pretty good vision for this house and how I was going to put everything together.  However, since being here, I'm just not feeling it.  Don't get me wrong, I love the house and it really does feel like home, I'm just having difficulty pulling it all in and making it work.

I'm not in the mood for spending too much money inside, as we are working hard outside on a pool, deck and landscaping.  Plus, we have plenty of everything 'decorative' and really don't NEED to buy anything more.

I've heard a lot of people get a dose of the blues when they move into their long awaited new homes, and I think that's all this is.  I just need to muck in and make it happen!!!

So, having said that, Big Girl's netball team has a bye this weekend and we don't need to be anywhere on Sunday, I'm going to get hard to work.  If you see me anywhere but at home, soccer or Bunnings this weekend, remind me of my commitment to my house and send me back there.

I (sort of, kind of) promise that there'll be proper photos next week.

21 May 2012

We've achieved so much...

...but there is still a loooooong way to go!

We can't really do any serious room reveals yet, so I thought I'd just share some random photos.

Driveway in progress

The pendant over our dining table

'The help' vacuuming after carpet installation.

Oops, sometimes stormwater pipes run the opposite way to that which you'd expect!

Hardcore TV bracket

Playroom - need to switch out the horrid yellow light globes for bright white ones

Little Girl's reading nook in progress

I love myself some nail head trim
And, it's getting chilly around here!  Glad to have fluffy socks and floors that aren't cold concrete!!

So, the floors are nearly completed.  Hopefully this week I'll get at least the bathrooms looking pretty for some reveals.  Mind you, we've lost the use of one toilet - not happy about that!  And, I'm going to work on styling the Master Bedroom.

Wish me luck, and I should have some more photos shortly.  Have a great week!

14 May 2012


Well, we're back in the land of the blogging!  Our internet was connected very quickly, which certainly makes a lot of things easier (namely, work!).

We have moved in to the house, albeit with just concrete under our tootsies!  The carpet has been scheduled for installation on Wednesday, and the flooring should arrive on Friday.  Having said that, Carpet Call has not returned any of our calls nor e-mails since last Tuesday, so it remains to be seen whether or not laying/delivery will, indeed, occur.  Suffice to say, we won't be call, call, calling the 'experts in the trade' ever again.  Neither will any of our friends.

Anyhoo, all that rubbish aside, we have enjoyed the first few days in the house.  I love the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry particularly.  Ha, you can tell where I spend most of my time!!!  The Great Room is also feeling more spacious WITH the furniture in, which I love.

It has been crazy busy around here, with lots of projects on the go.  Here are a couple of teasers...

Big Girl's Room

Little Girl's Room.  We started off strong, but haven't made any progress in the last five days!!!!
Without a floor, we have been unable to unpack to much, let alone style ANYTHING at all, so these photos will have to do you for a while.

Hopefully, I'll be able to share some pics later in the week.  Have a great one!!

09 May 2012

The calm before the storm

Last week, Husband and I were lucky enough to attend a wedding at Mission Beach in Far North Queensland.  I wasn't going to post about it, as I thought there'd be heaps of fun house stuff to blog about this week...  But, alas, yesterday was a hell day and the flooring drama is ongoing so I thought I'd share some photos of a super fantastic, blissful, (at times messy) weekend...

I love the juxtaposition of the sugar cane against the palms.  One of my favourite things about FNQ.

Palm Cove = LOVE!

Breakfast at Palm Cove - so much more relaxing and tasty when you're not chasing after three small children! 

We stayed at Castaways at Mission Beach, which was the location of the wedding.  Lovely!

The locals love the Cassowaries!  We saw one, but it moved off into the bushes too quickly for me to snap a pic.

The view from our room.

The view across to Dunk Island.

The kind of photo I was sending to friends during the wedding reception.  Yep, I told you it got messy!

We went for a walk on the Mamu Rainforest Canopy Walk, just outside of Innisfail.  So awesomely amazing!

The cantilever walkway and the view from the end of it.  It was a bit bouncy at the end!!

Today, we're off to wrangle Carpet Call and try to sort them out.  If not, we'll be living on concrete until mid-next week, and potentially beyond.  We'll also be painting and wallpapering, so there may yet be some nice house photos to share later in the week.

Happy Wednesday all!

08 May 2012

Little Girl's Chair Reveal

So, it's taken a while for this little project to reach completion, but finally we've done it!







I'll be able to show you some styled pics within the next couple of weeks, because, today, we got the keys to our house!  Woo hoo!  It's all ours!

Now, to sort out some supply issues with our flooring...  More on that later.

PS: Thankfully, Husband ALWAYS ends up taking over my DIY projects.  Love that man!!!

01 May 2012

I couldn't resist...

I went to the house this afternoon to look at some blind fabrics up against our wall colour.  It was mighty overcast, so I had to have the lights on.

This space just jumped right out at me, all lit up.

It seems a shame to move in and get it messy!!

Walk through

Yesterday we had our walk through.  There are only about seven items on the list for rectification, and none that will stop us moving in if they're not completed within the next week.

Excitingly, today is the second last Tuesday that we'll spend in the rental!

Sadly, I don't have any photos to share, as nothing has changed on site.

However, I have to say, whilst standing in the bathrooms and laundry, I couldn't help but wonder whether it gets any better than a gorgeous, clean, streak-free gloss white tile.  I know, I have issues!

The rest of the week will be crazy around here, so I'll sign off until at least Sunday.  Have a great week, everyone!