13 February 2012

A little girl's room

After a storm last night, I was very happy to see the concreters preparing to box up for the slab this morning.  I will go back this afternoon for a progress pic (you know, after school pick up and extra-curricular activities are over and done with!).  Then, tomorrow we will have a slab.  I am really getting excited!

It was whilst sitting here, planning a blog post that I didn't have any content for, that I realised I hadn't shared the concept board for our little girl's room yet.  I showed you her wallpaper here, but not the full vision.  So, here it is...

This little one is three years old, and I think she'll have a ball exploring all the little intricacies of the wallpaper.  I fell in love with the fabric pictured next to the photo frames, and am thinking of making a bedrunner out of it.  What do you think?

I've also been channelling my old favourite Sarah Richardson this morning, but am not going to tell Husband lest he has me committed for the plans I'm making!!!

Have a great week everyone - I hope it's all sunshine and joy for all of you!

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  1. Love the colour combo in your daughters room. The wall paper is so cute. My youngest wanted a "Tinkerbell" (=green) room. We told her she could have a feature wall that was green. She loves it and it looks great. Will look even better when I get around to paint her tall boy white and also when she gets her new "big girls" bed that is going to be white.
    // Anette :-)


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