20 February 2012


I've been holding on to last week's pics, waiting for a completed frame to share it with you.  However, there was noone on site this morning, so I thought I'd go ahead and upload some photos.  The next round should show the roof trusses erected.

I sent our first progress payment off last night, too, so we're certainly moving forward.

Happy Monday, everyone!!


  1. That is very exciting. i cant wait to stand in each room.
    Nothing ZIP ZERO is happening at our block AGAIN today.
    and it is ment to rain for the rest of the week

    1. Oh Pen. That is soooo annoying! How many dry days do they need to enable the waterproofing to go ahead? How is the packing going?

  2. Are you already wandering from room to room, performing mental decoration? I bet you are! ;)

    1. Oh Nat, the furniture arrangements have been in place since before we signed our contract. Hahaha, I'm hopeless!!!! However, it is awesome to really feel the space and see the little views you have out the windows. The kids want to go every day and just wander around the house. It's fantastic!

      Glad to see your place coming together so well. You're definitely on the home stretch now!


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