20 February 2012

A little dose of DIY

A few (okay, lots of) months ago, I bought some lamps for a client.  They looked very different in real life to on the website, but we had been searching high and low for months, so I installed them anyway.  As soon as I saw them in situ, I removed them!!!  And... brought them home with me!

I chose some fabric earlier this month, and today decided to attempt to recover the lamp shades.  I have plenty of ideas, but my execution on DIY projects is not always excellent.  Thus, I generally leave the actual projects to Husband.  I took a teaspoon of cement, hardened up, and took to the fabric with my scissors and some spray adhesive.

Lamp shade before:

Lamp shade after:

On the base:

I have to say, it was nowhere near as difficult as I had predicted.  The fabric is not as even as I would have liked, but I'm sure four hands instead of two would have resolved that issue.  I might enlist some help for the next shade, just to make sure the pattern is a bit straighter.  I'm also wondering, even though this was the shade that came with the base, if a larger shade would be better??

Are you a DIY Do-er or DIY Director?  I think this project has given me the confidence I need to tackle a couple of other projects.  Are there any projects on your mind at the moment?

Have a great day and get to it!


  1. I'm definitely a DIYer even though my projects don't always turn out as well as I would have hoped. It's still fun to give it a go though. Your shades look lovely and I think a bigger shade be a little unbalanced. What about the same width, but a shorter height?

    1. I think a wider shade might be the way to go, Anna. But I'm just sitting here looking lovingly at my lamp, and know that I will probably never get around to replacing it!!!

  2. You have excelled, you newly covered lamp looks fab! I love the new material!
    I use to be a DIYer, but over time, I have become quite lazy, it's too easy to just go out a buy what you want, everything is soo cheap these days!
    It is nice to look at something you have done yourself with a sense of accomplishment!
    Your house is coming along at a rate of nots! you must be pleased.
    Have a great day M.
    x Jode

    1. Hi Jode! Thank you so much, I'm a bit proud of myself! Am very pleased with the house, but noone on site yesterday or today, so I'm sad. I suspect they're awaiting roof trusses as there were some last minute changes required (plans were drawn incorrectly).

      I just realised I haven't commented on your blog for ages. I have mentally been doing it, I think my words have just been mixed up and not making it to the keypad!!! The Road House is looking fantastic, and it sounds like you are all acclimatising well to our beautiful region.



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