29 February 2012

Bedroom WOW!

Our bedroom, for the last four years, has been decorated in a monochromatic scheme, with a little bit of bling here and there for interest.

Now, it's no secret that I love the work of Sarah Richardson, but I'm not sure if I've mentioned Candice Olson before?  An episode of 'Candice Tells All' which aired on Foxtel here this week, has reinvigorated my admiration and love of her designs.

All images above
I love this room soooo much!  I am really considering just doing my best to replicate it from top to bottom!  I don't think it will happen in this house, though - maybe next time!!

Make the most of your extra day of the year, today!


  1. it is crazy but we so have the same taste. you just know all the lingo.....and who designs it etc

    Pen :)

    1. Pen, we should really consider getting some bulk buying deals when we start decorating our houses!!!

  2. To be quite honest M, I think your bedroom now has a similar vibe going on. Beautiful!
    X KL

    1. Oh, KL, thank you! That is an amazing compliment!


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