09 February 2012

Imaginary house

If you look at the photos, and then close your eyes, you can imagine where our bathrooms, kitchen and laundry are.  Can you visualise them?

Slab is due Monday or Tuesday.  This is all starting to get a bit real, isn't it!?


  1. yippy you lucky girl.
    we have had a massive up set with our landlords.
    they want to come up from melb to stay in an empty bloody house for 10days. so they want us out by the 6th april. our house will NOT be ready until around the end of april/early may.
    we have offered to put them up in an apartment for 10days at a cost to us of 2thousand. They neglected it WTF
    my husband is ropable>>>>>>>
    Pen x

  2. Oh, Pen. That is crap! Is there any way that you could break lease early and just rent something for three months? I know that moving twice is not ideal, but maybe it would be easier to move now (if they let you out of the lease) rather than try to find accommodation for such a short time at the other end? I'd be giving the RTA a call and see if they could facilitate a mediation or let you know if there is any other recourse. GOOOOOOOD LUCK! M xx

  3. Wow! You can certainly visualise the size of the house now! Exciting!!!
    x KL


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