23 February 2012

And when they were only half way up...

...the rain came pouring down!

It's been raining all night and day, so work on the house has halted for the time being.  The forecast is for rain for another few days, so I guess we're in a holding pattern for now.

You never know, the sun might peep out for a little while tomorrow and the boys will be able to spring into action!

Fascia and gutters are due Tuesday, so I guess as long as the framers are done by then, we'll remain on schedule.


  1. Rain rain go away!
    We are moving into the apartment in the morning. I wonder how long for ?
    Fingers crossed it is till the end of may
    Pen x

    1. Rain rain go away and don't come until the end of May! I hope your stay in the apartment is short and sweet. M xx

  2. I just found your blog and read the whole thing! So much inspiration, and love seeing your home progressing

    1. Thanks, MrsB! With all the rain right now I am ready for a little more progress, but in the mean time, it's all about the inspiration!! Welcome and enjoy, M. x


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