05 March 2012


Happy Monday, all!

Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of the roof for you.  I went past the house super fast on Friday afternoon to have a squiz, but no time for pics.  And then I didn't get back there on the weekend.  Not that the photos would have been any good, given the darkness from all this blasted rain!!!!

Anyhoo, I was very excited to go by this morning and see that all the windows are in (they could only have been delivered this morning!) and that Reece On Site was on site.  This could only mean baths at this stage of the build.

So, rain, hail or shine (most likely rain), I will be over there taking photos this afternoon.

Have a great day, and stay safe in this horrid weather.


  1. Great progress! Sounds like first fix plumbing is going in. Hope the pace keeps up like this! :)

    1. We're hoping they maintain this pace, too, Nat!!

  2. oh i try to be so happy when i read your blogs.
    But i am so pissed off that we are so behind.
    sunshine all week and NOTHING done at our place.
    Pen x
    PS " i am very happy for you though"

    1. Oh, Pen, I feel terrible with every day that passes that I don't hear an update from you. I'm struggling with the fact that your builder seemed so gung-ho in the beginning and now nothing is happening, even on the dry days. Fingers crossed he gets moving sooner rather than later! Make sure you keep a track of the actual rain days, so that you have an accurate count if he goes over time on the build.



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