31 January 2012

Lighting purchases


I received a call from our Site Supervisor this morning, letting me know that he is working to reschedule all of the activities that were missed because of our recent rain.  Thankfully, nothing was meant to happen for us until yesterday, but due to a backlog (totally understandable) our slab will be delayed by about four days.  Four days, schmore days.  Not a problem at all!

I think he likes me, because I understand what goes into a build, and am not flipping out every five seconds due to delays which are outside of everyone's control.

During the last week, we've had a few deliveries.  Behold...


Above is a fluro for the kitchen.  My aim is that it will look and behave a bit like a skylight (except that it will cost money to run, of course!), as the kitchen doesn't have a direct natural light source.  It's 600mm wide and named 'Sky', so I think we're on a winner!

Excel four-in-one for the bathrooms.  I like that they are streamlined, unlike the more traditional heat/light/fan combos.  We couldn't afford to pay full price - luckily, we got them 50% off!  Good times!

Odette from Beacon Lighting (also half price!) for the Walk in Wardrobe.  I will have to write a separate post about this one - it's mighty exciting!!

I hope you're having a lovely Tuesday.


  1. Hi Madonna,

    I would like you too! a very understanding client! Who couldn't love that!

    Loving your "sky" in the kitchen. That will look great.

    I especially love your Odette light, hollywood glamour in the walk in wardrobe! Very swish! I will wait on your separate post.

    Have a great day.

    x Jode

  2. Love the idea for the fancy light in the walk in robe! Stick that idea away into the 'next time' file!


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