30 January 2012

On site today...

Today was meant to be plumbing and drainage day, but you can bet that the rain put paid to that idea!

But, in the spirit of progress, at least the portaloo made an appearance on site today.

We've made a few purchases for the house lately.  I'll share those this week, as I don't think there'll be much else to tell you!

Have a great week


  1. Madonna I have been such a bad follower of late, just been catching up on your progress, its great. Now if mother nature complies it looks like full steam ahead, YAY!!!
    Loving your design boards & mudroom inspiration!!

    1. Happy to see your face, Trish! Your lovely comment has made up for your absence, haha!!

  2. Replies
    1. Don't I know it! Just glad it was raining so the kids couldn't get out of the car to inspect it.

  3. That a portaloo can make some one so happy is weird ;) But I do remember how happy I got just less then a year when ours had arrived. :-) Because it meant that work had started and a house was going to be built. I'll be back to check on you house progress again soon!
    Anette :-)

  4. i am hearin' ya!
    i am up stressing that my kitchen will be too small.
    i am meeting with the kitchen man at 830am in the morning
    Pen :(


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