11 January 2012

Blinds - Decision Made!

Hello from the cool comfort of my family room!
(One good thing about the rental, it has more air conditioning units than it could ever need)

As promised yesterday, here is the 'decision post' regarding the blinds.  In our open plan living/dining/kitchen space, we have a large sliding door and a small double hung window.  I'm not a huge fan of curtains on sliding doors (I'm going to blame the small people for that), I can't quite bring myself to roller blinds (even though they would be fine), we all know that I don't like verticals, and sliding shutters would just be too heavy for the space.

So, we will have a Plantation Roman blind on the double hung and Plantation Panel Glides on the door, like these...

Images from here

After narrowing down the colour choices to these...

We decided on this...

Mercury Translucent Ash from here
Now, we are just awaiting some timber samples, so that we can choose a species for the battens and pelmet (ooh, how I love a timber pelmet).  Now, of course we still have a lot of other windows to cover, and I'll keep you posted on those selections as they occur.

Have a great afternoon!


  1. Those blinds look so calming! I really like them, another great choice made!

    Kel x

  2. You're flying through all the decision making <3

    I had never heard of Plantation Roman blinds. They look neat!


  3. Looks great! It's lovely to get all these things chosen - very exciting!

  4. we totally have the same taste in everything.
    it is scary.
    i have saved almost all of your selection images.
    so thankyou, as you are making it easy for me.
    Pen :)

  5. very nice, cant wait to see photos when they are done!


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