14 January 2012

Spot the difference!


When speaking to our Site Supervisor earlier in the week, he advised that we would need to build one of our retaining walls prior to the site cut.

So, off Husband went this morning and knocked one together!  This lovely lady gave him a hand...

Of course, this is only miniature, and nothing compared to some of his past efforts.  He even commented on how easy it was!  Nonetheless, I am proud and appreciative of this awesome man.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. love it when my man gets his hands dirty! i look forward to watching mine mow the lawns again then stand back and admire them. we have been renting for almost 3 years now and it gives us no interest in the garden or lawns , we pay someone to do it.
    so we cant wait to do it all again.
    Pen x

  2. Sorry for the delay on my comments, still getting back on track after the move. I love the before and after shoots, classic! Pleased to see that things are happening and I love your little helper and your big helper seems pretty handy too! Off to update myself on where everyone is up too! Have a great day x Jode


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