27 January 2012

A gorgeous little girl's room

Yesterday, I came across this gorgeous wallpaper.

Laura Ashley - Summer Palace Duck Egg

Our little girl (3) fell in love with it, and it is now the 'jumping off point' for her new bedroom.  Here are a couple of photos with the wallpaper up against our wallpaper and a couple of accessories that she already has.

I'm feeling a bit excited, and scared, but I think it will look amazing!

In house news, the builder has erected the lovely green silt-catching material around the block.  Hopefully we can have a dry weekend and the plumbing and drainage can commence on Monday.  Positive, positive, positive!

Have a great weekend!


  1. It's beautiful! Can't wait to see it finished.

    TDM xx

  2. You have a knack, that will look amazing!
    Hopefully you are high and dry in your neck of the woods,
    we are growing webbed feet! lol
    Have a great day.
    x Jode

  3. That wallpaper is so beautiful and will suit your daughter for a very long time. It looks great with the little pink frame. Isn't it wonderful when you find 'the something' that leads to the ease of decoration of a space?! Woo Hoo! And silt fence erection = progress in the right direction. How exciting!
    x KL

  4. The wallpaper is beautiful:) Laura Ashley things are feminine and suitable for across ages.


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