04 January 2012


Hey there, sports fans!
(Yep, a bit tired and overly cheerful today)

Today, we chose the most glorious carpet I have ever laid my eyes feet on!

Now, given the price and overall lushness of this carpet, we are only installing it in our room, the Study and the Lounge Room.  The kiddlies are having a much more reasonably priced (read, cheap) carpet in their rooms.

But look at how well the colours work together.  Back to my same/same, but different philospophy.  Similar colours, just varying textures.  Love it!

Of course, we started out just browsing, but figured since we had found exactly what we wanted, with all sorts of discounts, that we should just go ahead and put a deposit down.

So, that's another task checked off the list.  We just need to make a decision between bamboo, engineered timber and laminate for the main floor.  We've also been working on our landscaping plan over the last couple of days, but I'll share that in another post.

I hope you're all enjoying 2012 so far!!

PS: We also visited a puppy shop (as a treat for the kids after carpet shopping) but didn't make any purchases there!!


  1. Looks like everything is coming together! A shame you didn't make any purchases at the puppy shop, although a purchase from there would probably ruin the newly purchased carpet!! Happy New Year :)

  2. Love the lushness of your carpet!!!

    You are so organised. I wish I was more like you :)

    Mind you, I'm a cheapskate so don't like paying deposit or buying before we desparately need something *shy* ... which is why our house is still empty :O


  3. Your carpet colours look fab! Selections are surprisingly fun when it all comes together like that. We have been puppy shopping too, (Boarder Collie's) they are too cute when they are little shame they grow up??? Have a great day. x Jode

  4. Carpet makes such a difference to a room. When we finally replaced the 'green and brown vomit' carpet in the main bedroom last year, I couldn't have been happier!

  5. I love your selections - great idea splurging on the most important rooms (well kids are important but may not appreciate it!!).


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