31 December 2011

Game on!

Our site start date has been issued, so it's game on!

Watch this space - We'll be kicking off on 20 January 2012 (my parents' 33rd wedding anniversary!), if not a couple of days before.  Lots of happiness and joyful anticipation here!

Wishing you and yours all the best for a fantastic year ahead!

Signing off for 2011...


  1. Bring on the 20th of Jan (or a touch earlier!) I am looking forward to all your building updates. All the best for 2012! x Jode

  2. Game on! lets see who is in first.....
    Pen :)
    Happy new Year - not sure if my slab party is going to go ahead #rainraingoaway

  3. thats fantastic news! Woohoo Happy new year!!

  4. Oh wow. I am so jealous. Congratulations!!


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