04 December 2011

New sofa love - The One

So, it turns out that my sofa disappointment was short lived.  I managed a solo visit to Freedom today (unheard of!) and came across the Sitta modular sofa.


It looks a lot deeper in real life, which is what we're after.  The dimensions are perfect.  The armless section can be positioned on either side of the main sofa, making it very versatile.  The price is doable, too.  (The best news of all).  The fabric we choose will more than likely be different to the example above, but I'm pretty confident that this new find is 'The One'.

I've also started working on a sofa table design, that Husband has agreed to build.  Sooooo excited.  I'll share the design with you once it's drawn up properly.

Hope you've all had a great weekend!!


  1. Looks great !!! I love the colour and with some scatter cushions it would look great. ( I have a thing for cushions, it drives my husband crazy ) Can't wait to see the table design sounds great, gotta love a project.


  2. How GOOD is it when you find 'the one' (at appropriate price point!) even if it's the second or third 'the one'? LOL! And you've got 'designs' happening too? I had those, once two years ago...and I'm still living in the mess...looking forward to following the new project!
    x KL

  3. Love it! I look forward to seeing it and your table in your home! Mimi xx

  4. Looks fantastic! I wish I could go sofa shopping and by yourself!!! Look forward to seeing your designs for the sofa table! Have a great day. x Jode

  5. Finding the perfect sofa is a tough one, congratulations! Looks like a wonderful space for sprawling or cosy-ing up!

  6. There is nothing better than a comfy deep sofa! I love the colour and the shape of this one! Can't wait to see the table!


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