21 December 2011

The spirit!

Around here, we're getting into the Christmas spirit!

I'm doing my best to teach our little ones that not everyone is as fortunate at them at Christmas time, but it is a bit tricky when they still believe in Santa.  Why wouldn't Santa get everyone the same kinds of gifts?  I managed to dodge that bullet, so we wrapped up a gift and delivered it to the Kmart Wishing Tree (have been meaning to do this for yeeears).

We decided the gift would be perfect for a five year old girl and stuck our gift tag on.  The lady at Kmart was so genuinely grateful and encouraging of the children, so we took a quick photo to mark the beginning of this new tradition in our house.

The boy wasn't interested, and the girls got a little bit of reindeer treatment!

Tonight, we're celebrating a special baby's first Christmas.  One more working day and then I can really get excited!

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  1. This is something i have also wanted to do but have never. and tonight when my hubby and i were doing a bit of shopping as the shops are open till 9pm all week both said we want to start doing.
    So tomorrow we will take the kids up and they can choose something to place under the Wishing Tree.
    "great minds think alike.
    Not long now HO HO HO
    Pen :)


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