30 December 2011

We did it! We bought a sofa!

After hours of intensive sofa testing, we made a purchase yesterday at Domayne.  Unfortunately, the Sitta at Freedom just didn't cut the mustard price and fabric-wise.  Anyhoo, good news, after all the sofa stress we had experienced here and here.  (I know, the important things in life, right?!)

So, this is what we bought...

Jigsaw sofa
In this colour...

Profile Showtime in Mink
The package we purchased comprises two x two seaters (one right arm, one left), one armless two seater and the ottoman you see on the right.  It gives us lots of options for comfy configurations - very helpful as we haven't determined our TV wall yet! - and fits all of us on it with room to spare.

It will take 12 - 14 weeks to be custom made, and we got a great saving so are really excited.

We also have been chatting with the builder and are getting closer to being issued a site start date.  Can you guess who is holding us up?  Our ever trusty and reliable b.a.n.k.  Seriously, I don't know how some people hold onto their jobs.  It's just one piece of paper, peeps!

We are just mooching around home this week, but every day feels like Sunday which is fantastic.  I hope you're having a lovely break (if you're lucky enough to be having one).

Hopefully next time I see you, we'll have that elusive site start date!


  1. It looks beautiful M.

    We are yet to find our new sofa/s :(


  2. YAY!!! Congratulations, I know this was a source of stress for you so its great to see you have found the perfect couch, its lovely!!!
    I have tagged you for an award if you have time to pop over & pick it up!
    Happy new year & wishing you some productive house building in the very near future.
    Cheers xxx

  3. So excited for you xx We are coming to the end of our owner builder period...it's been fun and challenging...xxx

  4. Yay for you finding a beautiful lounge! It looks fab and will look awesome in your new home! Happy mooching this week! x Jode

  5. B: I so wish you had Domayne in Adelaide. They have such a wide range, I'm sure you'd find something you love!

    Trish: Thanks for the Liebster - I'm very grateful. Yes please, lots of productive building all round!

    Farmer's Wifey: Thank you, we're excited about the year ahead. I have checked out some of your pics, but didn't realise you were OBs. Great job!

    Jode: Welcome back! The mooching is going well, can't even get the kids to agree to a beach visit!


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