09 December 2011

This time last year...

All this rain and chilliness (I gave in and put a jumper on yesterday) had me reminiscing about this time last year.  We escaped town and spent a week in Fiji.  So, if you're feeling the chill too, these pics might do a little to warm your spirits.

Hey, Summer, come back from your holiday and warm us up!

Have a great weekend, everyone.


  1. I am so overdue for a holiday, and these images made me pine even more! Beautiful summery shots - a bit of a pick me up from the dreary rain outside (that's right, your rain finally made it all the way to SA)...

  2. I love Fiji, we went there for our honeymoon a long....... time ago. Love the pics it must have worked as outside my window it looks like a beautiful day here in Brisbane.

  3. Brooke - glad the rain made it down there, but hope it doesn't delay any of Farmer Joe's farm/work plans.

    Mellissa - I think it did the trick. Much nicer here today. At least we can throw open the windows this morning!


  4. I forgot to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Mellissa.


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