03 December 2011

Dream Sofa Update #2 and Final

We finally went to check out our dream sofa in person today.  You may remember it from posts such as this and this.  It was lovely.  The shape was lovely, the fabric was lovely, the timber was lovely.  The ottoman was ugly and not in scale to the sofa.  Whatever, just decided we wouldn't buy it.

We saw a salesperson approach, so quickly got up (we had children everywhere, testing to ensure that the sofa would hold everyone at once!), and tried to escape.

We didn't escape.

He told us (and he was kinda weird) that the manufacturer had gone into voluntary administration and no more of these sofas would be ordered.  Cue sad face.  'But, I'll sell you this one off the floor', he said.  Long story short, Husband made an offer and the salesperson said no.  Yep, real keen to sell it!!  And, he told us we'd have to buy the matching two seater sofa and uncool ottoman if we wanted the modular.  Um, yep, no.  What would we do with the two seater.  Sell it on eBay, he suggested.  What, so we could get $200 for something you want $2000 for.

See ya, wouldn't wanna to be ya!

So ends the saga of the Dream Sofa, that we should have bought on sale a couple of months ago.  Now, I'm seeking a furniture maker in Brisbane to build me something similar.  Recommendations and testimonials are welcome.  Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. Oh no :(

    What about baby jasper? Do they still make it?


  2. Thanks girls, it is just a sofa after all. And, it appears that my sofa love is somewhat fickle, as I found a new option in Freedom today!!!!

    As for Baby Jasper, I do like them. But I can't justify the cost to get the configuration that I really, really want. Maybe when the kids have left home!!!!


  3. i just love how organised you are!
    i love all your style, maybe i will just copy you!!!!!!! it will make my decision so much easier.....
    Pen :)


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