25 November 2011

Finishes Appointment - Bathroom Fixtures

I got to celebrate my birthday by attending the Finishes Appointment for the new house.  Yay me!

As anyone who has built before knows, this can either be a source of extreme stress, or nice and easy.  I have to say, this was nice and easy.  I had everything sorted in advance, so it was really just an hour and a half of filling in lots and lots of paperwork!

I've been a bit strapped for time, and haven't had a chance to take photos of the kitchen finishes yet, so I've rustled up some pics of the bathroom fixtures for you in the interim.

Cabinetry details for the Ensuite and Main Bathroom can be found here.

These are all from the Phoenix Argo range.

Sorry, this is a bit boring, but it's all I can get my hands on at the minute.  Kitchen to come!

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  1. Gorgeous fittings M - and never boring, especially for those of us who are making selections ourselves!


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