27 November 2011

Finishes Appointment - Laundry Selections

And, here are the Laundry selections.

In the tradition of my same-same; but different (I love that that saying has taken off, I've been using it for aaages!) approach to design, the Laundry follows the Bathroom theme, but with a Laminex benchtop.

Also here
I'm starting to get a bit excited!!


  1. M, all of your selections are lovely. I bet you can't wait to start!!

  2. These all look great M! We used 300 x 600 gloss white, vitrified edge tiles in the two downstairs bathrooms and since then have used a matte version, only recently released in a clients home. I sooo love them and will use them instead upstairs. Check them out if you haven't seen them yet! Easier to clean, don't fingerprint and make a nice contrast to gloss everywhere else in room. New trend alert!!!!!! He he!
    x KL

  3. Love your selections, it's going to look great !!!


  4. Thanks, ladies!!

    KL - maybe we should start a regular post - New Trend Alert, and see what people suggest. Then we can claim that they saw it on our blogs first!!!! Anything easier to clean just has to be trendy, doesn't it??!



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