19 November 2011

Anxiety Central!

This is where I am today - Anxiety Central!

When I first received my finishes selection paperwork, I attacked it with gusto.  Now, just three sleeps away from the Finishes Appointment, I've fallen in a heap.

I'm questioning every decision.  I'm worrying that I've chosen from the wrong range.  I'm freaking out about windows. I haven't drawn up the electrical plan (although I know what I want/need and where).

And you know the funniest thing, I do this every.single.time.we.build.  I have learnt that the first decision is usually the right decision and that is what I must run with.

I will ask your advice on one thing, however, based on the following information:  Our roof will be Woodland Grey, as will the gutter and fascia; the render will be Dulux White Duck; all timber trimmings and the entry door will be Dulux Intergrain Stain in Charcoal; and, we've chosen Caoba for the garage door.

But, what colour should the windows be??????  Choices are White, Silver and Woodland Grey.  All of the windows across the front of the house will be dressed (internally) with dark timber shutters (eventually).

All images - here

Please help me!!!!!!!

I hope your day is as beautiful as the one Brisbane has turned on for us today.


  1. Personally I usually prefer white windows because I don't like them to stand out from the inside. But, Woodland Grey could look great as well, especially if you are going to use some darker colours in your interior furniture and things.

  2. M, you know that I'm not good with colours and stuff :) but I just want to say that I wish we went with white windows as it would have looked so much nicer than our white birch. Especially in bathrooms where we've got tiling right next to it.


  3. Hi M,
    I guess you have chosen your window colour by now.
    I will give you my opinion anyway. With your selection of tiles I think silver would look good. Can't wait to hear what you come up with.


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