20 November 2011

Christmas Wishes...

So, I think my feelings on shipping costs are pretty clear...  Yes?

Well, today for some random reason I decided what I wanted for Christmas.  I knew where I could get it, (Santa, duh!) but didn't want to fork out for postage.  However, I looked anyway.  Woo to the hoo, Nordstrom are offering $19.95 shipping to Australia until 24 November.

I thought I'd better check with Husband before ordering, and he said yes.  Double woo hoo!

Now I'm sure you're wondering what will be wrapped up under the tree for me when I wake on Christmas morning...


As you can see, it isn't all about the house...  But really it is!  Now we just need our friends at West Elm to jump on board the cheap shipping train!  Should we start lobbying???

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Absolutely! I don't understand why Etsy store owners can ship to Australia for such reasonable prices, and the major American retailers can't manage it. So frustrating!

  2. Now this is exciting news! Thanks for sharing M!!! Love your Santa picks and Happy Birthday too!
    x KL


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