18 November 2011

Paperwork Schmaperwork

Our plans were sent off to the Certifier yesterday.  Then, I had a call saying that our Council has added a new approval form that needs to be completed!

The Builder was very quick to tell me there was no cost involved, but it was just another annoying piece of paper getting in the way of our approval.

Anyhoo, I completed it straight away (so glad I work from home) and sent it off.  Hopefully certification and council approval won't take too long and we'll see a stamp like this quick sticks.


I'm sure they want to get all their work done quickly at this time of the year, so that it isn't sitting waiting on their desks for them when they return from Christmas shutdown (that's positive thinking right there).

I'm going to be asking for your advice and assistance over the next week or so, so steel yourselves in anticipation...

I hope you have a happy Friday!

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