12 November 2011

'Formal' Lounge Room

I'm not sure about you, but I really value having a 'formal' living space that is just for me and Husband.  The one room I can go into and not worry about toys or mess.  I say 'formal', but that's probably not accurate.  Comfortable and quiet are the key descriptors for this room.

So, this is my Concept Board for our Lounge Room...

Now, this room won't be a priority, but we already have most of the furniture we need.  We have a faux leather sofa in similar tones, which will go in there until we decide to buy the lovely sofa pictured above.  We have a similar TV Unit and Buffet, and the side table pictured above is also already in our possession.  Our lovely piano (which I inherited as a very small child) will also live in this space.

My question for you is the wall art.  I am in a long term love affair with my fair city, and have been in love with it more since I had to leave it for a year a little while ago.  I would really like to pay tribute to Brisbane on the walls of this room.  I don't want it to stick out, though.  I want some small prints in sepia tones, to match the muted colour scheme.  The image above is from here, and they have smaller versions as well.  I'm thinking I'd prefer something framed than on canvas.

What do you think?  And, do you know any reasonably priced photographers selling beautiful images of old Brisbane town?

Hope you're enjoying your weekend so far.


  1. Love your concept board. I have a formal loungeroom in my house plans as well, but I actually call it my peaceful room. I love it for all the same reasons you do, no mess & no kids. A girl has to have a beautiful space somewhere!!!

  2. I love using photography as art. Why not think about making it oversized for impact, and I always think that framing looks a little better than a canvas. Can't wait to see it!


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