26 November 2011

Kitchen Appliances

If there's one thing I'm not, it's a pro cook!  Husband is pretty good, but is also good at using whatever tools he has at his disposal.  So, for that reason, we've stuck with the standard appliances provided by our builder.

These are they...

Blanco FD9045WX Freestanding Cooker

In our last house, we had a glass and stainless steel canopy rangehood, but have reverted to a streamlined, easy to clean, slide-out rangehood this time.  Obviously, it will also result in additional cupboard space, and help the kitchen blend into the landscape.
Blanco BRS902X slide-out rangehood

Is it weird that I'm excited about having an integrated microwave?  Really, is it??
Blanco MF29SX Microwave with trim kit

There is also a dishwasher included.  We'll run with it for a while, and then maybe revert to our old faithful F&P Dishdrawer...  We'll see...

We are also in the market for a new fridge.  This one is the current front runner.

Kitchen.  Done.  Yay!

PS: Have reverted to Polar White for the kitchen cabinets.  But, you knew I would!


  1. I love a stainless steel free-standing cooker! That's a really good range of appliances you've got there - especially as the standard range from the builder.

  2. No,it's not weird to be exited about an integrated microwave. I was exactly the same.
    I've gone with the F & P dishdrawer. I enjoyed them in the last build.
    I love the rest of your appliances.

  3. Looking good Madonna,

    I'm with you on the cleaning aspect of range hoods and the glass ones are particularly hard to clean!

    Definitely NOT weird to be excited about anything new and shiny! Enjoy!

    I love your choice of fridge, we have to get a new one two, I may steal your choice???

    X Jode

  4. Agreed - not silly about the microwave - I love mine! All appliances look lovely!

  5. Love all your selections M especially the intergrated microwave which we are having as well. I had in mind the same fridge too. It's all a bit exciting isn't it! I can't wait to start building now.

  6. Thanks, girls. I love that I can post all these things that I love here and nobody thinks I'm strange!!!

    Milena - where are things up to with you? Update pleeeeeeease!!


  7. Hi M thanks for asking :) We are still in the early stages working with a builder together with our mortgage broker. It's all good and we are considering building a Fortitude 32 with Metricon. The final contract is expected in April and we still need to do all the selections before then. Exciting times!!!


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