26 August 2011

If you want to blog and you know it... clap your hands.

Well, I want to blog, but there is nothing to blog about.

We've all been holed up in the house for the last week, sick and miserable.  I haven't been able to talk to anyone about the house, as my ability to communicate in a coherent manner has been compromised!

So, nothing happening...  But, when it does, you'll hear it here first.

Hope you're all having a happier (and more productive!) week than we are!!!

Oh, and thanks for all the new 'likes' on Facebook, and to those of you who have shared us with your friends!  And thanks for your comments, too!  Don't forget to hit 'follow' up there at the top of your screen.


  1. Sorry to hear you havent been feeling too well :(

    And don't worry about the lack of house updates. We will be here ro follow the progress when it starts :))))

    Have an amazing weekend and hope you all feel better soon.


  2. Hope you guys are all well again soon!!


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