14 August 2011

The only problem with a customised bus scroll...

...is that you need to create a new one when you move!

Well, if you create one based on all the houses you've lived in since being together or sites historically relevant to your relationship, anyway.

This time last year, with the assistance of these guys, I created a beautiful, sentimental bus scroll for our Lounge Room.  You might have noticed it in a photo in my last post.

Well, now, I suppose we're going to have to get another one made, aren't we??!

If you were thinking of having a bus scroll made for your house, here are some inspiration pics for you.  They're even great for the little peeps!

Okay, so this is an eye chart, not a bus scroll - whatever!

Lovely destinations to dream about during winter!

Morning routine for the kidlets.

Rules to live by!

Oops, I think I might have just spent some money that I don't have.  Don't tell anyone!

House costing is due tomorrow...

PS: Framing was done here, we've been using them since we had our wedding photos framed about nine years ago.  Funny how our frame choices have changed over time!


  1. Hi M! Just found you via another blog. Nice blog you have. I am absolutely in love with these bus scrolls. I just have to have one. Don't know exactly what I want written on it but I think places, my now husband and I traveled together in the beginning of our time together. I'm also thinking a secret gift for our next wedding anniversary!
    Have a nice day!
    Anette :-)

  2. Hi, I love these signs and have been browsing Etsy for just the right one for our new house, I even came across one with a ballet theme for my ballet mad eleven year old.


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