08 August 2011

What's going on?

Not much, let me tell  ya!

We're still waiting on a price from the builder.  I'm beginning to think they actually don't want our business.  Hmmmm...

Anyhoo, this blog is not about builders who make me cranky, it is about the excitement, anticipation (there's lots of that right now!) and planning that goes into our new house build.  But, when nothing's happening, there's a lot of waiting.

So, while we're waiting, we're living in the affectionately named 'Rent House'.  It sounds a bit suspect, but it is the name instilled by our four year old, so it has stuck.

The Rent House is a slight downsize from the old house, so we have gotten a bit creative with the decorating.

Three spaces at the old house...

Our old formal Lounge Room
Our old Family/Meals space
Our Entry
...have become one in the Rent House!

I've crammed quite a few pretties into the one space, just so that I can see them.  I feel sad that so many gorgeous decorating items are hidden in the wardrobe in the Study.  Oh well, it will be like finding buried treasure when we move!

A close up of this cushion, just because I like it.  Husband and the little peeps gave it to me for Mother's Day.
I hope you enjoyed the little tour of the Rent House.  In an exciting twist, Karen Moregold just told me, and all you other Scorpions, this:

'A stroke of good fortune will give you a financial boost or spark a surge of progress'

Well, Karen, I'm bang up for either of those.  Bring it on!!!

If you are reading, please comment (even though there isn't much to comment on at the minute) and 'follow' us.  It would make us so happy!



  1. I'm still checking in weekly! Love the term for the new house, lol I'm still using Wally and Paz! While you've downsized in space it will just make the new house all more special when you move in and get to unpack all your treasures. Hope you hear back from the builder soon.

  2. I wish our "Rent House" looked as nice as yours does :). You've done an amazing job.

    Hope the builder gets back to you soon.



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