09 August 2011

This is why we live where we live

Last weekend we were hanging out in shorts and short sleeved tops. 
On a Saturday, in the middle of Winter - shorts and t-shirts!  Nice!

(While Daddy was whipper snippering the block).

It doesn't get much better,
especially when all you have to do is walk to the end of your street and across the road to get to this...

Swans on the lake!
How awesome are those Swans?  I thought they were logs at first, as they had their heads in the water.  When I realised what they were, I made the kids get off the playground and run up the park, so I could photograph them!  Sorry, babies.  Next time I'll have to take my camera, so I can really capture the details.

Why do you love living where you live?

1 comment:

  1. That's an amazing location.

    I love where we live because we are close to "everything", but most importantly all of our immediate family. And walking distance from the beach :)


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