20 August 2011

Concept Board - Guest Room

In the new house, we will be lucky enough to have a Guest Room, so the little peeps don't have to be re-homed when we have visitors.

This room will be teeny-tiny, and furnished with a double bed and two bedside tables, with lamps.

To help make the room feel larger, I want to paint horizontal stripes behind the bed.  A lovely friend has recently painted stripes in her nursery, so I envisage me holding a gorgeous little baby and delegating the stripe painting to her.  Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, you know who you are!!

I also intend purchasing an upholstered bedhead, as we already have an ensemble.  Once we move in, we'll decide between these, from Design Inspired:

In a lighter colour, though.


The room will also have a very neutral colour scheme, but with lots of texture.  Quite possibly my favourite look of all!  Here is my concept board.

Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. I love everything about your concept board :)


  2. I like your concept board too. I've previously found those bedheads on ebay and have my eye on one too. I also LOVE the tray style side table but can't find where to get them...any ideas?

  3. Love your colour scheme and concept board. Looking to buy a new bed myself and I'm kind of keen on the one on the first picture maybe a bit lighter though.
    //Anette :-)

  4. Thank you, B, you're too sweet!

    Newbuild - these ones are Carina Sherlock. You can find them here - http://www.buyster.com.au/Carina-Sherlock-009-009.1-CSE1075.html - and they're available in three different colours.

    The bedheads are gorgeous, Anette, and come in lots of different colours, too!

  5. Love the board. Love all the colours. Love all bed heads. Can't wait to see it come to life!

    I've been stalking Carina's butler tables for a year. Still can't decide on a bed......


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