06 September 2011

New Caesarstone(R) Colours

Long time, no blog, peeps!  I hope you've all been well.  We have been living a life of sickness and work, and zero house progress.  However, it looks like that will all change within the next week, so we're gearing up again!

The latest edition of Australian Home Beautiful tells me that Caesarstone has released five new colours in the Classico range!  Why does this always happen just when you think you've made a decision???

Of course, I was straight onto the Caesarstone website to find out whether they were part of the Standard, Deluxe, Premium or or Premium Plus, because, of course, the builder only provides 'standard' as part of the base price.

Shock horror, the colour that we liked is in the Deluxe range.  Oh well, we might just have to splurge...  It looked a lot better in the magazine than on the computer monitor though, so I'll order a sample.

Caesarstone Classico - Shitake
You can see the other new colours here.

In even more interesting news, or so I think, I was reading a magazine that said thinner benchtops are the trend for the coming season.  We were going to go 40mm on our island bench, with waterfall edges, and then 20mm on the bench along the wall.  Again, you make a decision, and then things change on you!  I think this may be a case of going with our hearts, rather than the trend though.  We never have been particularly trendy...

I would love to hear your take on the bench thickness debate.  It might just help us get a decision made for sure.

PS: Let's go, Broncos!

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  1. I love the idea of the thicker waterfall edges on the islands and thinner on the other benches.

    I say, this "trend" has it wrong and will go out of fashion very quickly!


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