01 October 2011

When the budget doesn't meet the brief

Oh, woe is me, the sofa that I have fallen in love with really is not in our budget.  Like, we could afford to pay it off, but I don't know that I want to commit to the price.  Do others of you have the same issue?  It is lovely, though, and practically perfect in every way.  For your viewing pleasure, here is the offending piece...

It is so well proportioned, and even the fabric is the perfect colour, oh and behold the timber detailing.  And the coffee table in contrasting fabric.  Gorgeous!

We would really like a modular sofa for our Family Room, as opposed to two couches in an L-shape configuration, so that we can all fit on the same lounge.  So many of them seem to have really shallow seats, or aren't available in the right configuration or dimensions.  I just keep coming back to the 'Cruz' by Domayne.  (Note: It is still considerably cheaper than the Jasper by King Furniture!)

What to do?  What to do????????  Other suggestions are welcome!

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!


  1. I think it is a gorgeous sofa and there is an 'M' cushion in the picture. Interior design divine guidance perhaps, saying you should buy it. :)

  2. It is a gorgeous sofa. I love the colour and the little book nooks. There is an 'M' cushion in the picture also. Interior design divine guidance or what!

  3. Oh wow, that is gorgeous. Love the build in shelving. Im sure we can find ways to justify it. Lets see:

    You dont need to buy side tables, because they are built in.
    You won't have remote controls or tv guides strewn around because they have a home
    Additional to the above, you can find the remote control when you want it

    ummmm.... hmmm...

    Thats all I have for now.

  4. Hi! I like you choice, very nice sofa-lounge.In my new house there will be an additional lounge to what we have had so far, which means that we need to buy a lounge/sofa of some sort and what comes with that to make a room. So far I have not found anything that I exactly want and for the price I would like to pay. So the other day I came to the conclusion that since the girls are still young (young enough that they still find it hard to sit normal on a sofa!)I'm going to buy something cheap-ish so when it is worn out or so in a few years time I can buy a nice and fancy lounge that we all can enjoy and I won't have to tell them of all the time for not sitting as they should on the nice expensive sofa. I'm thinking of buying a Ektorp sofa from IKEA. Have not tested it as yet but I have heard lots about them and they are washable and you can buy new covers and they come in different combinations. That was my input to the sofa dilemma :-)
    Good luck with your decisions.

  5. Beautiful lounge! My internet search shows it still available at the discount price. I'd go and wave some cash under the manager's nose for an immediate sale, otherwise call another Domayne - they're all franchised, and third option; yep, the sale will come round again in the new year!

  6. Yep, still available at the discounted price. What they've done, though, is actually increased the ORIGINAL price (on the website) by $700 mid-sale!!!!! If it had been 30% off the very first price I saw, which is what it appeared to be, we would have bought it today. We'll just wait until Christmas and buy it then, I don't really want that little beauty in the Rent House anyways.

    Glad everyone loves it as much as I do!


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