28 October 2011

Five little ducks went out one day...

...to choose an interior wall colour.  The ducks were sad, as they were in love with a Taubmans colour, but the builder will only paint in standard Dulux colours.

The ducks made many a trip to the hardware store, and bought lots of sample pots.  (The ducks really, really love Taubmans for taupe/grey tones).  The ducks were nearly about to organise a Dulux Colour Consultation.  But, today the ducks got lucky, they were lucky ducks.  They found the right colour.

Can you guess where this is going?

The colour we chose for our interior walls is White Duck by Dulux.  It ain't no Taubmans Taupe Stone, but it will do the job.

Not quite this grey in real life...

A scheme found here, which is pretty close to the look I'm going for.

Now to find the right white white for the architraves and skirting...

Thank you so much for the feedback on my shipping issue.  I think the general consensus was - Go for it!  I'll think it over...

Have a great weekend!

PS:  Given my crazy 'duck' post, perhaps I shouldn't blog on Friday nights?


  1. Gorgeous paint colour - love it! Look forward to seeing what white you pair it with.

  2. Lovely paint colours. Not to throw a spanner in the works but we often use Taubmans tints in Dulux bases. (= taubman's colour but Dulux paint).
    x KL

  3. Thanks, KL! That would be my plan too, but this builder (for better or worse) seems to be a stickler for using what they know. I am going to ask if they will use the Taubmans colour, but if they say no I'll be prepared! Fingers crossed, and thanks for the comments, girls.



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