07 October 2011

Outdoor Room Inspiration

I had a little realisation this morning.  We probably won't start on site until after Christmas.  Initially, this made me cranky and sad.  But then, I changed my mind, and I'm totally okay with it.  Cool!

So, I started thinking about our outdoor entertaining area and (potential) pool.

These images are from builders' websites like this one and this one.  They really capture the dark, moodiness that we are after for our exterior scheme.  Some of them even have our current furniture!

Probably the only difference is that we will have a charcoal stain on our decking and ceiling cladding.  We'll also have this fan, to add a little bit of a plantation/resort feel to our outdoors.

Given that our outdoor area is to the front of the house, it really needs to 'wow!'  The image below is of a house not too far away from us, built by the guy who built our second house, that I found whilst realestalking.  I believe it has recently sold.

It is on a corner block, so this too is in the house's front yard.  How nice would it be to come home to that every afternoon!

Anyhoo, we're moving into dangerous territory.  Beautiful swimming pools deserve their own post!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Omg!!! Amazing images!!!!

    I'm gonna go off and dream now....


  2. I deal with our building company's clients all the time and your disappointment at a delay is a common feeling. How you cope emotionally with the challenges ahead is 90% attitude and you're right not to allow this to upset you - particularly this early! The industry shuts down for most of the Christmas period so you're far better starting fresh with tradies rearing to go in the new year! Love your pictures!
    x KL

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, KL! We've done this a few times, so know better than to get worked up at all, let alone so early in the piece. And, I figure, if we don't have to make any progress payments pre-Christmas, all the better for Santa!

    Have a great weekend

  4. Hi M,
    I started a little blog about our move and our future reno and build project at our soon to be new home on the sunshine coast.
    As blogging has now become quite addictive and can't get off the computer, I tell my husband "I'm researching!'
    Anyway, I am now your newest follower! and will follow with interest as you go through your building process too!
    Cheers Jode.

  5. I love the first two images. It is great how they have extended the deck beyond the alfresco.


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