24 October 2011

Finance approved!

Not that there was any doubt, but it is always nice to breathe a little sigh of relief and tick another task off the list.

Today, I have organised our tile selection and finishes appointments (on my birthday - yay!) and sent our design info off to the developer.

Action stations, people!!!

Have a great week


  1. You are on a roll :)

    Looking forward to your selections :)


  2. Wooohoooo congratulations! Enjoy your tile selection. I recommend doing it early in the morning (i.e. as soon as the tile store opened), ours seemed to take forever and we were getting ever so hungry.

  3. Something i have to look forward to soon...
    It was my 38th bday on the 25th and our land settled on that day too.
    i wonder which of us will be in our homes first. ;)


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