20 October 2011

Thankful Thursday

Cripies, it's Thankful Thursday again already!  Where is the time going?

Today, it is all about the fact that I'll see my favourite person tomorrow.  I've missed him too much and am so tired, that all I need is an early night and a very late morning.  So, I am thankful in anticipation of a good night's sleep very, very soon.

I am also thankful that a lovely friend is organising a holiday for us next year, and is sending lovely photos like this to my inbox...

And, I am thankful that our contracts are signed.  Yay!

What about you?  Anything that you're particularly thankful for this week?

Happy nearly Friday, peeps!


  1. Another holiday? How lucky are you :)
    Where are you off to this time?


  2. I bet you are counting down the days until your holiday. The spot looks absolutely beautiful! Congrats on your contracts being signed, it all begins now! Have fun. x Jode

  3. Love your Thankful Thursday!
    Enjoy your coming holiday x Pen

  4. Yes, B, another holiday! When it rains, it pours around here.

    This one isn't until June/July, and will be in Cairns. We certainly will be getting a good dose of North Queensland next year. Fingers crossed Husband is home so I don't have to take the kidlets by myself.

    Thanks for the comments, ladies!


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