21 May 2012

We've achieved so much...

...but there is still a loooooong way to go!

We can't really do any serious room reveals yet, so I thought I'd just share some random photos.

Driveway in progress

The pendant over our dining table

'The help' vacuuming after carpet installation.

Oops, sometimes stormwater pipes run the opposite way to that which you'd expect!

Hardcore TV bracket

Playroom - need to switch out the horrid yellow light globes for bright white ones

Little Girl's reading nook in progress

I love myself some nail head trim
And, it's getting chilly around here!  Glad to have fluffy socks and floors that aren't cold concrete!!

So, the floors are nearly completed.  Hopefully this week I'll get at least the bathrooms looking pretty for some reveals.  Mind you, we've lost the use of one toilet - not happy about that!  And, I'm going to work on styling the Master Bedroom.

Wish me luck, and I should have some more photos shortly.  Have a great week!


  1. It all looks like it is coming together beautifully M. These last stages always take longer than one thinks. I love the wallpaper and reading nook.

    Have fun decorating - the best part!

    1. Thanks, Lizzie! I think I've hit the wall and am feeling a bit lost. Once I find my mojo - look out!! M x

  2. Looking good so far! Your floors look lovely - what did you end up using? Your little girl's room is so sweet, I would like that room for myself haha!

    1. Thanks, Em. They are a timber laminate floating floor by Parador. I will have to find the details. Do you think your husband would agree to that wallpaper in your Master Bedroom???? M x

    2. Ah they look very similar to what we have chosen but ours are the vinyl click planks. We did look at something by Parador I think but liked the quiteness of the vinyl - looks lovely either way though! I highly doubt he would let that wallpaper anywhere in the house, even if we had a little girl! I can dream though .. !

    3. I'm quite sure that my husband wouldn't have allowed that wallpaper a couple of years ago, but when your 3yo gives you that look, you just can't say no! Now he loves it, too (well, you know, for her, not for himself!!!)

  3. Loving that wallpaper - looks gorgeous! The dining room pendant is fantastic as well M xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Lauren! Do you have a start date for your house yet, or am I just behind the times? M x

  5. It's all coming together M! Love the pendant & you have done an awesome job with the chair, I wish I had that talent! Thanks for including the website for the wall bracket, we need one of those too, I have been off checking them out. I will need some of those woolie socks too actually,well I hope to anyway before winter finishes! I can sympathise about the concrete floors, Mum and Dad built a house when we were young and didn't allow enough funds for carpet or tiles so we had concrete floors for a couple of years! It is handy when you spill things though lol.

    I just noticed your power points, I know power points are not as comment worthy as a splashback etc but they are quite cute! I like their shape and I can picture a squinting smiley face, with their rounded outside edges being the face, the on/off switches for squinty eyes and then the points as a wonky kind of mouth. On that note...I think I'll head to bed, I sound sleep deprived!

    Loving all of it M!

    Mel x

    1. I had a good giggle about your powerpoint comments, Mel! Even before you said you needed sleep, I was thinking that you sound like me when I'm over-tired!!!!! The girl at AV Outlet was really helpful, hence the plug. Hopefully you will be wearing your woolly socks in your new home this winter.


  6. Wow, Looking good M!
    I have been a little behind over the last week or so, just catching up now.
    Love the look of your little girls room so far, she must be so pleased too.
    Can not wait to see more of your reveals.
    It is all coming together perfectly!
    Take your time and have fun styling.
    x Jode

    1. Thanks, Jode! With the massive To Do Lists that I've made, I don't have much choice but to take my time with the styling. I hope to make a dent in the unpacking this week, and then the fun starts!! M x

  7. Love, love. love the reading nook, that hair is just so perfect in all it's pinkness.! You are doing a beautiful job, I can't imagine how much your family are going to love living in he gorgeous home you are making. x roberta


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