09 May 2012

The calm before the storm

Last week, Husband and I were lucky enough to attend a wedding at Mission Beach in Far North Queensland.  I wasn't going to post about it, as I thought there'd be heaps of fun house stuff to blog about this week...  But, alas, yesterday was a hell day and the flooring drama is ongoing so I thought I'd share some photos of a super fantastic, blissful, (at times messy) weekend...

I love the juxtaposition of the sugar cane against the palms.  One of my favourite things about FNQ.

Palm Cove = LOVE!

Breakfast at Palm Cove - so much more relaxing and tasty when you're not chasing after three small children! 

We stayed at Castaways at Mission Beach, which was the location of the wedding.  Lovely!

The locals love the Cassowaries!  We saw one, but it moved off into the bushes too quickly for me to snap a pic.

The view from our room.

The view across to Dunk Island.

The kind of photo I was sending to friends during the wedding reception.  Yep, I told you it got messy!

We went for a walk on the Mamu Rainforest Canopy Walk, just outside of Innisfail.  So awesomely amazing!

The cantilever walkway and the view from the end of it.  It was a bit bouncy at the end!!

Today, we're off to wrangle Carpet Call and try to sort them out.  If not, we'll be living on concrete until mid-next week, and potentially beyond.  We'll also be painting and wallpapering, so there may yet be some nice house photos to share later in the week.

Happy Wednesday all!


  1. The wedding sounds like a nice break. We holidayed in far north QLD years ago and not once did we spot a Cassowary in the wild. So disappointed. xx

    1. It was a great weekend, Nellie. I think only a couple of others who were with us saw a Cassowary, they're so sneaky. I'm still cranky that I didn't get a photo of the little (big!) sucker! Mx

  2. Oh, Yumm, that looks like an awesome place to get your mind off things! Your toes look very glamorous! haha Love those random shots! Looking forward to your house shots, good luck with the flooring. x Jode

    1. It was beautiful, Jode, once we'd gotten off the phone with the bank and the flooring company and could just relax! Floors are scheduled for this week - fingers crossed. M x

  3. Yum! Love a good breakfast <3

    Sounds like u had an amazing break :)


    1. It was great, B. Well worth the effort it took to get there! M x

  4. What gorgeous photos! Cute blog too :)

    I'm from Melbourne, so all we've had is miserable weather lately. I'm craving the sunshine and very jealous of your beach trip!

    1. Thanks, CAT. It was lovely break, and the warm sun was just what we needed, too. M x


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