26 March 2012

Chippies at work

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

The cabinetry was delayed last week, so it is now looking like a Monday/Tuesday job.  All the skirtings, archs and doors were done on Thursday and Friday, though.  It's starting to look like a real house.

Here are some pics...

Linen Cupboard shelving (with someone hiding inside!)

Pantry door

Pantry shelving.  To the right is a bare wall, which will house a little charging station and on the next adjacent wall will be space for the calendar and school notes etc.  It will be the organisational hub of the home, but totally hidden away.  Love!

More pantry shelving

Rumpus room door
Also, the mortar on the fancy bricks is looking better with each passing day.  The fact that the render is curing and lightening is also helping, as it is looking closer in depth to the colour that it will be painted.

So, Monday and Tuesday will bring a garage door and cabinetry.  The tiler will start on Wednesday.

I wonder if the painters are booked in for next week???

Have a fantastic week!


  1. Your pantry is going to be fabulous M, and the mortar is looking great too. xx

  2. It is all coming together. How about chalk board painted wall in your pantry.
    Pen x

    1. Ooooh, I do like the idea of a chalkboard wall, but it might get a bit dark in there. Maybe a big piece of glass and one of those glass markers from Smiggle... The ideas are flowing!!


  3. Love the external colours!!!! Natalia

  4. Sooo love the pantry M! I couldn't fit a walk in style into this house but it was my favourite feature in the last one. (And a big Oooooh selling point too!) I love this part of building....it all starts to become 'real' instead of 'squint your eyes and visualise....'!
    x KL

    1. Thanks, KL. We're certainly getting there. It's all getting very, very real! Now, of course, I'm getting anxious about the decorating. I need to remind myself to take one step at a time!!! M xx


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