13 September 2011

This is where it's at

Drop beams and import fill and increasing costs and decreasing costs and...

Our tender letter was due last Friday, and then yesterday and then...  (cue birds chirping)

But in more exciting news, our little girl turns three next week, so we are off shopping for special treats for her this afternoon.  No time to visit the builder.

Tomorrow, I will visit the builder.  For someone who usually hates to wait, I am so unfazed by this slowness.  I must be mellowing in my old(er) age!

It's been fun watching some fellow bloggers start to decorate their new homes.  A great opportunity to live vicariously through others!  And the houses are looking fan.tastic!  Great job, girls.

Anything exciting happening at your end?  Please feel free to share!!!

Have a great Tuesday.

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