23 September 2011

Paperwork central

Hey there blog fans!

We got our tender letter last week and have been madly reading and re-reading and double checking the information for days.  I have never in my life seen such a comprehensive building document.  Let's hope that this means the building process will happen to the letter, given that we've dotted all those 'i's and crossed a million 't's.

We've sent it back for a few changes and should have the updated document this weekend.

Husband has cleared the block.  It looks much nicer now, and is devoid of the three chunks of driveway and kerb that a lovely, professional concretor decided to leave on it.  God only knows why I did not include clearing of the block in the land contract - blonde moment and a half.

Husband has put up a barrier to deter would-be rubbish droppers!

In other news, my stomach is absolutely tied up in knots waiting for the big game tonight.

Have a great day!

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