22 July 2011

Why 'Two beaches and a lake'?

I'm sure you're thinking 'Two beaches and a lake' is such a random name for a blog about a new house build...

Well, let me explain.

Our street is named after this beach...

Avoca Beach
The house we are planning to build is named after this beach (and, funnily enough, one of our favourite holiday destinations!)...

Marcoola Beach

And, we live in an estate with a gorgeous series of lakes, both natural and man-enhanced.

All beautiful places from which to draw inspiration.  Let's hope the house does them justice!



  1. That sounds wonderful M!

    What an amazing story behind the name :)

    Have a lovely weekend.


  2. Love the title and the meaning behind it. I love the beach that your house is named after. Being a previous Brisbanite we used to try and head up there often as friends had a unit in Mt Coolum. Can't wait to see the floorplan!


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